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Winchester has been a proud supporter of conservation, the shooting sports and our hunting heritage for more than 140 years. Whether the mission includes improving wildlife habitat, promoting hunter safety or preserving the hunting tradition, Winchester stands as a strong supporter of industry organizations. True partnerships in conservation and the shooting sports generate results, and in our case the facts speak for themselves.

At the core of Winchester’s conservation efforts is a rich tradition and willingness to remain a leader in the hunting and shooting sports industry.

Since 1866 – we have been out there with you.

Winchester ammunition is proud to be a leader in conservation
NILO Farms, established by John M. Olin in 1952, is Winchester’s prestigious hunting preserve providing guests with quality hunting on more than 640 acres of natural habitat. As one of the finest hunting and shooting facilities in the country, NILO Farms represents the best in game management and safety. Many of the land management practices developed at NILO have proven to be an example for other waterfowl and upland game bird preserves to follow. For more information, visit NILO Farms.

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