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The Winchester blog is the shooting, hunting, and ammo blog that gun enthusiasts have been waiting for. Read articles from the firearm industry experts including Grant Woods and Melissa Bachman. Watch videos on the latest hunting tips and shooting gear. Learn about Winchester ammo, and how to improve your shot with the most innovative ammo on the market.

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Winchester Blog

Live the Legend

The Live the Legend section of Winchester's blog features new ammo products, shooting help, hunting tactics, and the latest news on ammo technology. You'll read about upcoming events, promotions, and may even experience some 'behind the scenes' Winchester-style.

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Grant Woods Blog

Grant Woods

Dr. Grant Woods is the leading expert in whitetail deer biology, deer hunting, and whitetail research. In his blog, Dr. Woods will educate hunters and shooters alike on the best whitetail hunting strategies, deer conservation, and wildlife management. Join Winchester and Grant Woods in discovering the secrets of hunting whitetail deer, exclusively on the Winchester Blog.

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Melissa Bachman Blog

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman is one of the world's most passionate hunters. On the Winchester blog, Melissa's articles will educate hunters on how to improve their hunting game. Whether you're a big game hunter, small game hunter, or new shooter, you'll find the right hunting article for you. Her hunting passion and experience makes her a go-to resource of hunting advice and shooting strategies.

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