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Record Breaking Winchester Long Beard XR® is Ready for Spring

In October, 2017, new champions were crowned and three new world records were set—all using Winchester Long Beard XR ammunition. 


The National Wild Turkey Federation’s annual Still Target Championship has become the ultimate testing ground for the best turkey loads in the industry. In October, 2017, new champions were crowned and three new world records were set—all using Winchester Long Beard XR ammunition.

One new record was set using 12-gauge Long Beard XR No. 6 and two were set using 20-gauge Long Beard XR No. 6.

Key features of Deer Season XP include:
  • Joseph Sloan shattered the old record of 63 pellets in the 12-Gauge Open Class by filling his 3-inch target with 80 pellets fired from a custom bolt-action shotgun.
  • Cody Waters set a new record in the 20-Gauge Hunter Class breaking the old record of 23 pellets with 35. He was using a pump action 20-gauge.
  • Chris Scott broke the 20-Gauge Open Class record shooting 39 pellets into the target with a specialty shotgun outfitted with .555 constriction choke tube.

Perhaps even more impressive than these individual records is the fact that all six divisional winners were also shooting Long Beard XR.

“We are fortunate to have Long Beard XR ammunition as the most technologically advanced turkey load in the industry. This competition truly showcases its capabilities for turkey hunters on the range and in the field.” said Matt Campbell, vice president of marketing and sales for Winchester Ammunition. “Winchester is proud of its long-time association with the NWTF, the leader in wild turkey conservation across North America.”

When the pressure is high, and your big shot opportunity struts into view this spring, you can depend on the record-breaking performance of Winchester Long Beard XR.

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