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ABC's of Reloading
By C. Rodney James (Editor)
It would be a good idea if everyone considering reloading treat this book as required reading because of its strong emphasis on safety. Metallic cartridge is covered in detail. Various types of equipment and tools are discussed as well as cases, bullets, primers, and powders.

Ammo & Ballistics II
By Bob Forker, Craig T. Boddington
This book is a guide to factory ammunition ballistics published 2-15-00. It contains all you ever needed to know about ammunition and exterior ballistic performance collected into one volume.

Cartridges of the World (10th Ed.)
By Frank C. Barnes, M.L.McPherson (Editor)
This 512 page volume published in December 2000 is the foremost source of cartridge information. Ammunition buffs should find all the answers to their cartridge and shotshell questions in this comprehensive guide that includes 1,500+ cartridges.

Philip R. Goodwin : America's Sporting Sporting and Wildlife Artist
By Larry L. Peterson
Philip R. Goodwin : America's Sporting Sporting and Wildlife Artist 

Precision Shooting at 1000 yards
By Dave Brennan (Editor)
Shooting accurately at one thousand yards for the hunters, target shooters, and law enforcement SWAT shooters. 


Precision Shooting: The Trapshooters Bible
By James Russell
This Bible is a comprehensive instructional manual for the sport of trapshooting. The book is filled with technical tips and practice drills to help the average trapshooter improve his or her shooting skills, concentration, and focus.

Reloading for Shotgunners
By Kurt Fackler
The complete how and why of shotshell reloading for hunters and competitive shooters.


Standard Catalog of Winchester: The Most Comprehensive Price Guide Ever Published
By David D. Kowalski (Editor), Ned Schwing
This comprehensive catalog of Winchester collectibles covers the full gamut of Winchester branded items between 1886 and 1929. It identifies and values more than 2,500 collectibles including firearms, cartridges, shotshells, fishing tackle, sporting goods, tools and pocket knives, plus a plethora of advertising materials and packaging. It includes many full color photos as well as 2,500 great black and white photos. This guide is a Winchester collector's dream come true.

The Complete Book of Shotgunning Games
By Tom Migdalski
From beginners to experts, this book offers "how to" tips for all ranges of experience. A comprehensive history of skeet, trap and sporting clays as well as instruction tips are included.

The Complete Book of Wild Turkey Hunting
By John Trout, Jr.
The Complete Book of Wild Turkey Hunting is the perfect book for novice and veteran hunters alike. It covers all the basics and essential gear items, but goes much further by providing specialized tactics that have been proven in the field. This is a must book for the serious turkey hunter, especially for anyone who hunts this wiliest of game birds on public land. In this book, you'll learn how to: roost birds at night; use the right calls at the right times; find the perfect set-up spots; Hunt mature gobblers; choose guns and loads; track birds; lure gobblers away from hens; deal with pressured birds; understand the personalities of different birds; and much more, including profiles on expert hunters.

The Ducks Unlimited Guide to Shotgunning
By Don Zutz
Basic tips on waterfowling will help you bag more ducks and geese this fall.


The Field & Stream Shooting Sport Handbook
By Thomas McIntyre
Here is guide to the games. How to shoot trap, skeet, and sporting clays, as well as all the necessary information on five stand, cowboy action sports, metallic silhouette, benchrest competition, target shooting, free rifle, and handgun games. Includes details on choosing shotguns and rifles, handloading, and more.

The Gun Digest Book of Trap and Skeet Shooting
By Larry Sterett (Editor)
Expert and beginner tips for Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays are incorporated into the pages of this manual. It makes an excellent introductory reference book for the clay target shooting sports.

The Orvis Wing-Shooting Handbook
By Bruce Bouden
Good wing shooting requires proper technique. Too many shotgunners imagine that their success in the field, or lack of it, is a question of luck. Not true, says Bruce Bowlen. Good shooting depends as much on technique as it does on natural talent and instinct. Bad shots can become good ones, and good shots can become even better. In this concise and clearly written guide to the fundamentals of wing shooting, Bowlen covers the basic elements as well as the intricacies of proper wing shooting. The correct stance, timing and motion, equipment, and safety procedures are described in detail. In addition, there are chapters on Field Shooting versus Trap and Skeet, Lead and the Psychology of Wing Shooting, Gun Fit, and much more. The Orvis Wing-Shooting Handbook contains valuable information for both the novice who wants to learn to shoot and the experienced shotgunner who wants to improve.

Trapshooting Secrets
By James Russell
"Trap Shooting Secrets" takes you into the world where professionals reside. With over 132 practice tips it's like having a shooting coach by your side. The book explains setup, stance, squad timing and pitfalls, eye and gun hold points, sight pictures, target angles, spot shooting, zone shooting, timing, good and bad pulls. Point of impact adjustments, reliable hot core patterns, shotshell selection, eye focus, target behavior, swing timing, call timing, flinching, slump-busting procedures, feeling the shot, moving gun techniques, back-sighting the sight beads, chokes, seeing targets in slow-motion, mind-set.

Turkey Hunter's Digest
By Jim Spencer
Knowledge is the key to a successful turkey hunt, and this reference packs all the information hunters need into one comprehensive guide. Noted turkey hunting authority Jim Spencer not only thoroughly covers the ins and outs of modern turkey hunting tactics, but also provides comprehensive reports on gear to help hunters of all skill levels improve their chances of bagging these wily birds. With information on everything from calls and camouflage to guns, loads, and strategies, there is no better volume that places the reader right into the hunting action positioned for success.

Winchester Rarities
By Tom Webster (Editor), David D. Kowalski (Editor)
Fresh off the presses this hard cover book is a Winchester collectors dream come true. This book details many Winchester advertising pieces from years gone by. With nearly 800 full color photos of calendars, ads, store items and more, this beautiful book is a valuable addition to anyoneUs library.